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09                   Corporate Profile

               3. CREATIVE                                                                        

                     Our creative services are categories in four main
                     departments to cater for both print and screens,
                     these are :
                           z collateral Design
                           z digital designs,                        Examples of collateral
                           z motion and photography.                 design include:

                                                                          z Promotional Material            z Envelopes, Brochures
                     COLLATERAL DESIGNS                                   z Company Profiles                z Catalogue, Advertising
                                                                          z Annual Reports
                                                                                                            z Display, Exhibition
                                                                          z Business Cards                  stands
                     Brand Collateral is the collection of print media     z Packaging Design               z Sign-age Artwork
                     used to promote the brand and support the            z Billboard Artworks              z Branded power point
                     sales and marketing of a product or service. It’s     z Letterheads                    z Keynote presentations,
                                                                          z Posters, Postcards
                     the tangible evidence of the brand, designed         z Apparel Design                  etc.
                     congruent with the brands core values and
                     personality. Below are some of the categories.

                           z Brand Identity Designs
                           z Promotional Designs
                           z Info-graphics Designs                                             WE PROVIDE PRINTING
                           z Label Designs                                                     SERVICES ON REQUEST
                           z Power-point Presentation and
                           z Stationary Designs

                                                                                                                          a portfolio of
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