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                                                               Here is more information on our marketing
                  Identifying and filling customer             consulting services:
                  needs is key to marketing
                  success.                                           z Market Assessment
                                                                     z Market Segmentation
                  The most effective strategic marketers use deep     z Target Marketing
                  customer insight to drive segmentation, targeting,     z Strategic Positioning
                                                                     z Marketing Plan Development
                  positioning and offering development.  This ensures
                  that marketing plan development is grounded in     z Market Research
                  marketplace realities to best meet customer needs.
                  Our marketing strategy consulting services include   Our marketing strategy consultants employ a
                  market assessment, “STP” framework development   disciplined approach and a broad spectrum of
                  (i.e., Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning), and   analytical tools in mapping customer needs to
                  marketing plan development.                  marketing requirements, and then aligning the
                                                               offering with target customer requirements.  
                                                               The end result is improved performance, as
                                                               demonstrated through our clients’ increased sales,
                                                               effectiveness and revenue.
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