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07                    Corporate Profile


               DIGITAL STRATEGY

               Today’s digital and mobile devices provide unprecedented access to
               information, products and services across a variety of digital channels.   Capabilities-based services include:
               Medswana needs to create a seamless brand experience, projecting
               their brand clearly across the many touch points, channels and devices     z Digital strategy and transformation
               their customers use. Medswana also need to leverage analytics and     z Customer analytics and insights
               the wealth of data available in and around the business to sense and     z Digital innovation
               shape market opportunities ahead of your competition. Such a digital     z Digital sales
               strategy is an important step toward becoming an intuitive enterprise.    z Digital marketing and customer engagement

                                                                               Channel-based services include:
               Our Digital Strategy practice helps executives understand, envision
               and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across     z Web strategy
               the enterprise, using a road map that delivers on the brand promise     z Mobile strategy
               across channels, with clear ownership and accountability.             z Social strategy
                                                                                     z Customer service
               Our services  span from customer engagement channels to drive
               digital transformations.

                                                                                                                          a portfolio of
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