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            2. STRATEGY                                                 CREATIVE STRATEGY

                  Evirtek Creative plays a part in shaping clients’     Creative strategy fuses insight and transformational
                  future, combining deep business insight with the      thinking to determine the character and tone of a brand,
                  understanding of how technology will impact           as well as drivers of relevance and differentiation.
                  industry and business models. Our focus on
                  issues related to digital disruption, competitive     Employing a creative strategy to get your company’s
                  agility, operating and business model, as well as     brand noticed and visible to your customers can go a
                  the future workforce, helps our clients find future   long way in increasing your business’ profits. Consumers
                  value and growth in a digital world.                  resonate with brands that share the same values and
                                                                        vision that they have, and purchase products and
                  We have the people, skills, insights and deep         services from the brands they relate to. This means
                  industry experience needed to shape new forms         organizations need to embrace their humanity, focusing
                  of client value. We offer highly objective points     on message, persona and honesty, while at the same
                  of view with emphasis on  business, technology        time not losing sight of their audience’s individual needs.
                  and analytics, leveraging our deep industry

                  Our Strategy consulting capabilities include:

                        z Creative Strategy
                        z Digital strategy
                        z Marketing strategy.
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