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            1. WEB SERVICES

                  Evirtek Creative and our partner network provide high
                  quality  online  services  dedicated  to  building  lifelong
                  relationships and achieving maximum growth for your
                  business.                                             Our Online capabilities include:

                  We have provided our clients with innovative winning        z Website Design & Development
                  solutions since 2011, specializing in web and mobile        z Mobile Application Development
                  development, eCommerce, web hosting,  email hosting         z Domain Registration ( /.com)
                                                                              z Website Hosting
                  online profile hosting and web support services
                                                                              z Email Hosting (
                                                                              z Online Company Profile
                  Our exclusive  ALL INCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT &                   z Ecommerce
                  SERVICE plans include everything you’ll need to  start      z Online Project Management Solutions
                  and keep your PRESENTS online at affordable once off,       z Online Payment Services
                  monthly and annual rates
                  Save time, money and frustration by empowering your
                  business with our in-house TEAM of specialists to handle
                  all your internet marketing and development needs, so
                  you can stay focused on your core business
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