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virtek Creative  is an agency portfolio of Evirtek, offering
                                                                          marketing strategy, creative, design, printing, media -
                                                                   Eadvertising,  digital  /  traditional  marketing,  commerce
                                                                    services and marketing solutions as well as promotional items
                                                                    and gifts. Founded with the goal of helping clients thrive in
                                                                    today’s highly competitive marketing environment.

                                                                    The portfolio is built with deep passion for tech innovation, a
                                                                    profound love for market insight and a growing team of hard
                                                                    working professionals with an iron will to make a difference. Think
                                                                    of us as an extension of your team - a multidisciplinary group
                                                                    of talented and highly creative digital strategists, designers,
                                                                    producers, marketers and technologists.

                                                                    Our services are defines as follows:
                                                                        1. WEB SERVICES

                                                                        3. CREATIVE
                                                                        4. DIGITAL

                                                                        5. MEDIA
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