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011                   Corporate Profile

               4. DIGITAL                                                                         

                     Appropriate digital presence of your Brand,         that can be layered within a campaign which allows
                     Services and Products is not less important than    the organization or brand to monitor in real-time
                     its quality and trouble-free running. In the hi-tech   how a campaign is performing, such as what is being
                     era the success of your endeavor depends largely    viewed, how often, how long, as well as other actions
                                                                         such as response rates and purchases made.
                     on its digital popularity and awareness of your     z The use of digital marketing in the digital era not
                     target audience, to create a coordinated customer   only allows for brands to market their products and
                     experiences that will engage them in lucrative      services but also offers online customer support
                     interactions and a buying cycle.                    through 24/7 services to make the customer feel
                                                                         supported and valued.
                                                                         z The use of social media in digital marketing interaction
                     Digital marketing, the promotion of products or     allows brands to receive both positive and negative
                     brands via one or more forms of electronic media,   feedback from their customers as well as determine
                     differs from traditional marketing in that it uses   what media platforms work well for them.
                     channels and methods that enable an organization
                     to analyze marketing campaigns and understand   Evirtek will optimize your digital experience and increase your
                     what is working and what isn’t – typically in real   sales and leave your competitors far behind.
                                                                    Our services for this package include:
                     Why digital marketing is important ?
                                                                         z Search Engine Optimization,
                           z People want brands they can                 z Email Marketing,
                          trust, companies that know them,               z Social Media Marketing and
                          communications that are personalized and       z Search Engine Marketing
                          relevant, and offers tailored to their needs     z Bulk SMS
                          and preferences.
                           z Digital marketing allows for a business to
                          create a reporting and analytics system                                                         a portfolio of
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