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DIGITAL DESIGNS                           MOTION

                  Digital Design Services bring the total      You know that video is the best way to market your business
                  value  of  our  capabilities  from  human-   Online.
                  centered design, digital transformation to   And you know that your audience watches and engages with
                  product realization. We are uniquely able to   your business when you post video content.
                  transform businesses at scale by creating
                  systems of brand, product, and service that   But the questions are : - ‘How can I create consistent,
                  deliver a distinctly better experience.      engaging video content on a regular basis?’
                                                               ‘How can I communicate with my customers on a regular
                  For our purposes, we consider our Digital
                  Design service as any design work that
                  is intended to be viewed by an audience   We can be your virtual video production department creating regular,
                  on  a  screen  but  does  not  require  custom   engaging, marketing video content for your clients, customers and
                  development prior to viewing. Our         followers across all of your digital channels.
                  categories include, but not limited to:
                                                            We’ve carefully designed our retainer program for specific kinds of
                       z Email Marketing Designs            video productions which are ideal for corporate communications.
                       z Social Media Designs               These include:
                       z Website Content Design
                       z 3D presentation Designs
                       z Info-graphics Presentation  Designs     z Corporate events
                       z UI and UX Screen Designs                z Marketing and promotions
                                                                 z Internal Communications
                                                                 z Product launch events
                                                                 z Social media videos
                                                                 z Testimonials.
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